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The certification process


Clients wishing to be certified must prepare a management system conforming to the clauses of the standard(s) to which they wish to be certified.  There are 3 options

  • Build your own system using a copy of the standard(s) to which you wish to be certified.
  • Build your own system using a copy of the standard(s) to which you wish to be certified and commission QNB to perform an informal Gap Analysis on your system to identify any deficiencies ahead of your certification assessments.
  • Get a Consultant to help create a system conforming to the standard(s) you wish to gain certification for.

Then once your system is in place you can proceed to book dates and will receive an introductory phone call from your auditor before your assessment.


The assessment process is a fairly simple and stress free one. There are two initial assessments for clients new to certification. (For details on transfers from other certification bodies please see the “transferring certification from one body to another” section below).

New clients must first have a Phase 1 assessment; this can often be done as either a visit or a desk top review to reduce travel costs. The Phase 1 is just a document review to establish that a compliant basic structure and all mandatory procedures are in place.

Once successfully through Phase 1 clients can address any findings raised and proceed to Phase 2 where an QNB Assessor will visit the organisation and assess the compliance of the full management system raising any possible improvements that could be made and then making a recommendation for certification.


Once certification is recommended, reports are verified to ensure the correct process has been followed during the assessment and that any findings are justified.

Once this has been completed, and any corrective actions required have been provided, the client can be certified with certificates. The certificates may only take a matter of days to issue.

The client can then complete PQQs, inform any stakeholders of their achievement and use INAAC logos as appropriate to advertise that they run a recognised standard of management system(s).