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Introduction to Carbon Management Course

Our 2-day Introduction to Carbon Management Course is designed to equip delegates with the core knowledge and skills needed to develop and implement a robust carbon management strategy within their own organisation.

On completion of this course delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the business drivers for Carbon Management
  • Know the key steps in a robust and successful Carbon Management strategy
  • Be able to explain what a Carbon Footprint is
  • Be able to identify and document the direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to their organisation’s operational Carbon Footprint, including the consideration of upstream and downstream supply chains
  • Be able to identify and prioritise appropriate, cost effective actions their organisation can take to reduce its Carbon Footprint
  • Know how to develop, implement and monitor an action plan in order to achieve a measurable reduction in their organisation’s Carbon footprint, including the identification of key performance indicators
  • Understand the concept of carbon offsetting, the role that offsetting plays within a robust Carbon Management strategy, and be able to apply selection criteria for purchasing offsets
  • Understand the characteristics of successful change management