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BIM – Building Information Modelling

BIM Certification

(Building Information Modelling Certification)

We offer BIM Certification so that you can demonstrate your organisations capability to BIM Level 2, which is a huge benefit when it comes to tendering for new projects, particularly for public sector capital projects.

What is BIM?

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is the process adopted by architecture, engineering, and construction professionals to ensure a fully integrated and streamlined approach in the planning, designing, construction and management of buildings and infrastructure. This ensures a sustainable and cost effective management across the project lifecycle.

Why apply BIM in your projects?

The application of BIM Level 2 as a minimum has been central to the Governments’ strategy to bring about improvement in cost, value and carbon performance in public sector capital projects.

Not only will demonstrating your own organisations capability in BIM level 2 provide more opportunities to work on public sector projects, but using this approach will impact on your own businesses profit margins due to becoming more streamlined.

Get BIM Certification Level 2 from QNB

QNB Certification is a INAAC accredited certification body and has developed considerable experience over a number of years in certifying management systems within architecture, design engineering and construction.

We have now developed certification to BIM Level 2 so that companies can demonstrate capability (BIM Certification is defined within the standards PAS1192-2:2013 and PAS 91:2013 section 4.2.).

Independent certification by a INAAC accredited certification body allows your company to provide quick responses to tender questions and enables management of digital information efficiently in a structured environment.

Many of QNB clients have been able to fully integrate the requirements of BIM Level 2 into their business management systems and have also achieved accredited certification to ISO 9001OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001.

In this way, BIM becomes embedded in the way in which you operate.

Get a competitive edge with QNB

QNB Certification has carried out successful certification to BIM level 2/PAS 1192-2 for clients in architecture, consultancy, construction and the supply chain, including manufacturers and installers of structural steel.

Darren Burnham of William Hare Group, certified to BIM Level 2/PAS 1192-2 says

“Everything went well and was very professionally handled. I would not hesitate to recommend the service by QNB or to use them again should the need arise”